Broadcast Screenings

PBS Broadcasts:

10:00PM EDT
June 21, 2010
NJN New Jersey

July 2009
March 2010
KQED San Francisco

European Broadcasts:

May/June 2010
Planete Poland

Festival Screenings

CINEQUEST Film Festival
March 2008

Sedona International Film Festival
February 2008

Sonoma Valley Film Festival
April 2008

Santa Cruz Film Festival
May 2008

Kansas International Film Festival
September 2008

Vancouver International Film Festival
October 2008

Bend Film Festival
October 2008

Austin Film Festival
October 2008

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
October 2008

San Francisco Documentary Film Festival
October/November 2008

Ojai Film Festival
November 2008

Santa Fe Film Festival
December 2008

Palm Springs International Film Festival
January 2009

Pickford Cinema
February 2009

The Pacific Cinematheque
February 2009

University of British Columbia—St. Mark's and Corpus Christi College
March 2009

Santa Fe Film Center
March 2009

Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival
Thessaloniki, Greece
March 2009

Women's Film Festival
Benefit Screening for The Women's Crisis Center
March 2009

Stanford Film Society
April 2009

REEL JUSTICE Film Festival
Vancouver, BC
April 2009

Mendocino Film Festival
May 2009

Lighthouse international Film Festival
Long Beach Island, NJ
June 2009

PBS Broadcasts
July 2009

Reykjavik International Film Festival
Reykjavik, Iceland
September 2009

Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival
Toronto, ON Canada
November 2009

Liz in the Philipines